Our Story

Hey there! Welcome to technewsninja.com – it’s here or just not happening!

You already know this is a news website, but there is more work that goes among our team to get your quality and true updates.

Some of the points that we look upon:

  • Keep you Updated: You can use this website to keep yourself and your friends updated about the happenings in the city and nation.
  • No gimmicks: We stay away from this thing. We believe in keeping the news in its raw form, and that’s exactly what we do.
  • Truth is the only thing that retains: There is nothing above than this. Truth is the ultimate goal which we believe in.

Geniuses working at technewsninja

Our Team Head is John C. Trotter, and he is the one who started the website. We have editors, writers, content managers in our team.

How can you contribute?

Everybody has their perceptions about a news, and we would like to know them too. You could contribute by sharing your views in the comment section of the posts. Also, you could get in touch with us via the Contact Us page.

Thanks for stopping guys,

Team Ninja


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