Apple sued by the Patent Troll Uniloc over Apps like FaceTime, iMessage

Uniloc has filed a lawsuit against the tech-giant Apple over the technology used in the communication products; as they infringe with the property, initially found by the HP and the Philips.

Apple sued over the charges of Property Infringement

Okay, so recently Uniloc got into a legal fight and filed lawsuits with the U.S District  Court that works for the Western District of Texas. They also included the petitions asking for the patents dating back to 2000.

Apple sued over facetime

Among all the suits filed, the first suit was related to the FaceTime Video Conferencing platform, and mentioned about the ‘system and the method used for the network-based policy enforcement for carrying out smart services on client’s devices

FaceTime Law Suit:

Along with the USPTO in the year 2003, the former 3Comm engineers were credited for their contribution in the 552 patent form. This patent form deals with how the application servers make use of the user identification details for functions like call dialing, call waiting, multi-call, etc.

FaceTime servers too work in a similar way where they first establish the app on to the device. Then, later they use the newly made ID number for authenticating and verifying the caller during the connection.

This was pretty similar to that of the 3 Comm company patents, considering the network communication protocols. That’s how the apple sued on facetime by the Uniloc organization.

3 Comm company was later acquired by Hewlett-Packard (HP) in the year 2010 where they got all the 3Comm patents transferred. Now both the firms work as a single entity.

iMessage Issue:

In this one, Uniloc filed a case against the audio features on the iMessage, and more precisely on the ‘group audio message board’. So, the patent held by Philips was concerned with the ‘general audio message recording’ setup. This feature could allow multiple users to record and access audio messages, and all of them arrive with a qualifying parameter like a timestamp or location.

iMessage, on the other hand, introduced a feature where the users could send an audio message that expires after a fixed time.

Well, at the end Uniloc is one of the popular patent trolls in the U.S!