Trevor Bauer, Cleveland Indians Pitcher Takes a Nasty Dig at a college student on Twitter

Trevor Bauer is serving as the professional American Baseball pitcher for the Cleveland Indians. Recently, he was in news regarding a Twitter war that began from a college-going girl who actually didn’t know who he was.

The girl, Nikki Giles chided Trevor on Twitter through the weekend, for his inappropriate post or some behavior aspect. Trevor lost his patience, and finally blocked off Nikki with receiving too many criticism for his action.

Nikki Giles and Trevor Bauer Online Twitter War

It all started when Nikki mentioned the Cleveland Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer in one of her tweets, and he responded it saying ‘Thanks for admitting that I am better than you’ with a kiss emoji towards the end.

In response to his reply, Nikki mentioned ‘My new least favourite person in all the sports’. To which, Trevor replied ‘Welcome to the fan club’.

Things only went worse after this.

Trevor went up to a one year old post of Nikki, where she was drinking just 2 months before her 21st birthday, and shared the same image to his followers – Giles said.

On the other hand, Trevor alleged Giles, Texas senior student, as the prime initiator of the problem.

Giles, also added – ‘He was blaming me for continuously tweeting him, when in fact he tagged me in around 40+ tweets which is 10 times more than the ones I tagged him.’

Later after repeated tweets, Giles decided to block him and she did. Then, someone told her that Giles has been mentioned in more 30 tweets by Trevor, which made her sad and angry this time. She also mentioned that she felt harassed with the tweets, however Trevor kept on doing his work and also said ‘she’s replying the tweets because she likes me’.

By Tuesday (started from Sunday morning), Trevor had already mentioned Nikki in 80 tweets! While Nikki had mentioned Trevor for 20 times.

It all ended with Trevor blocking Nikki, with a caption saying that she was obsessed with him, and continuously tweeting him non stop.

On asking about the matter, Trevor’s agent Joel Wolfe said ‘we won’t comment on this’ when the USA Today Sports reached him for his comment.

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